Welcome to Village Park Apartment Homes

Village Park Apartments is an attractive, well-constructed 72-unit workforce housing development built, maintained and operated by Grand Junction Housing Authority. Village Park Apartments is the first phase of construction on the site. The second phase is planned for a new 60 unit development for seniors.

Compatibility with our neighborhood is important to us. The northern three buildings, adjacent to the single family neighborhood to the north, are two stories tall. The southern three buildings, adjacent to the commercial center, are three-story buildings. Exteriors of earth-tone stucco, accented by stone veneer and timber detailing, enhance the property’s appearance and provide design compatibility with the adjacent Village Park commercial center. The site plan includes generous green spaces, attractive landscaping and a playground. An on-site leasing and maintenance office and onsite live-in staff person facilitates a prompt response to tenants’ needs.

The development complies with the City of Grand Junction’s Comprehensive Plan and with the existing Planned Development zoning of the property, established in November, 2002, which provides for 132 multifamily units on this site.

Site Plan